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Dental Loans

You can be smiling for several years if you are practical about your mouth or dental health. There are professionals whose job is to make sure you have a beautiful oral health but they can only help you if you have regular checkups. Having oral checkups can actually show the beginning of problems with your general health which can be looked at before it gets out of hand. When we talk about dental care it includes actions like the below but not limited to only these ; braces, dental implants, head gears, crown or caps, retainers etc. See your orthodontist or dentist for a thorough check up and procedures where necessary.

Selection for dental insurance

A lot of Americans do not have insurance , talk of dental insurance. In America alone there are over one hundred and ten million who do not have any form of dental insurance. Those who have been fortunate to have it also don’t have the insurance covering a lot of medical procedure. If a lot of Americans knew most dental procedures is covered by standard medical insurance they would have gone to check their teeth but they don’t know. This insurance applies especially when the procedure is very necessary to help the dental health and well-being of the patient. Being involved in an accident and getting injured at your jaw area will need surgery to correct it, this kind of situation will get approval from the insurers.

Other examples of oral procedures that will get approval include severe speech defects, chewing dysfunctions, airway obstructions. However the insurance companies hardly ever approves dental processes such as dental implants, braces, dentures root canals etc. When this happens you will need to find a way sponsor such procedures especially when you are hard up with cash. Dental loans comes in when such situations arise.

How do I get dental loans?

For a good and healthy oral health each person is supposed to have his or her teeth cleaned twice a year at most, do x- rays to check if everything is as it’s supposed to be fillings etc. All of this is very necessary to keep your teeth and oral health at its highest health status. In as much as this is very necessary, it doesn’t come cheap and sometimes your insurance is not enough for it or sometimes the insurance does not cover it at all. Fortunately there are people who have very good dental health not because they visit the dentist often but are just lucky. So occasionally they might visit the dentist because of a cavity but nothing major.

However other people are not so lucky and so are often on the move to do one oral procedure or the other. Dental procedures are quite expensive when it comes to complicated procedures. It can range from a few hundred dollars when you want to do filling to thousands of dollars for one tooth when you are doing porcelain veneers or a bridging procedure. Normally those who do not understand dental procedures or what goes into performing a dental procedure whine about the high cost. What most people forget is that a dental procedure gone wrong can easily affect the whole structure of your face or your smile.
Dentist are also professionals who have gone to years and years of education and training to be qualified.

Not forgetting the equipment used for these procedures are not cheap, the time spent on performing the procedure etc. are all factored into the cost of dental procedures. These professionals do not work in isolation but have dedicated staff who are paid to make your stay and experience worthwhile.

How do I get a dental loan continued

When you are encouraged to save it definitely does not include savings for dental procedures.
So when you need to do a dental procedure you can be in a tight corner if it is one of those expensive procedures where your insurance does not cover.
But you need not be stressed over how to finance dental procedures because there are loans for such emergencies.
With that said it will be in our interest to know that there are some procedures that are considered under insurances because they are needed to keep a good dental health. Whiles some of the procedures are for cosmetic purposes so the insurance does not cover such cost.

Procedures that are accepted under insurance :

• X- rays
• Fillings for cavities
• Crowns and bridges
• Cleaning the teeth twice a year
• Tooth extraction
• Tooth implants
• Treatment for gingivitis and periodontal disease
• Root canal treatment

Dental procedures that are considered cosmetic :

• Invisible braces
• Dentures
• Tooth reshaping
• Cosmetic gum surgery
• Porcelain veneers
• Tooth bonding
• Teeth whitening

What to do to get a dental loan

First of all do you know how much your procedure cost? Have you done enough investigations to know all about the procedure and what the whole cost will be? If no then you need to do so. Knowing the whole process helps a great deal and to know this you will need to visit your dentist. He or she (dentist) will be able to give you a total breakdown of the procedure. The breakdown may include anesthesia and x-rays as well as many other medical or dental procedures.
Sometimes after the procedure has been done, you will need some apparatus (equipment) to aid your fast recovery and all of that will be added to the cost.
Bear in mind that every procedure and the kind of specialist needed so it will be better to make several checks to find the best specialist at a relatively cheaper cost. When you get all this information you can verify from your insurers how much they will be willing to pay. With this information you will be in a better position to know how much dental loan you will need from your lender. Like earlier stated, insurance hardly covers cosmetic surgeries because they are very expensive but not life threatening.

Even if your insurance will cover, the amount will be almost insignificant unless your dentist petition your insurers and tell them how important the procedure is to your health.Any borrower of dental loan must make sure he or she has a good credit report.This is because if you have a bad credit report it might just affect your chances of getting some loans and dental loans can be one.

Comparing offers and lenders of dental loans

There are a couple of offers for dental loans from some lenders who want to help individuals who need help to get their teeth and other related issues solved.
Do not go for or accept the first offer from a dental loan lender because they are the first to pitch an offer.
Make sure to go through several lenders and offers to get the best loan that is suitable for you with regards to the repayment schedule and the interest rates.
The total cost that is being offered is very important to consider, especially the annual percentage rate (APR).
If the total cost is a bit on the high and you can wait whiles you safe towards it because the procedure is optional or not compulsory, you can go for that option too. Consider the tenure of the loan being offered to you because all of that shows how much you will pay at the end of the loan.

Dental funding choices

Funding choices for dental procedures include :

If you need to fund or finance your required dental work or cosmetic dental works, you can find them through various means. In America there are three major funding options available for individuals in several states.These options have worked for a lot of people living in America. They are practice payment loans, credit cards and personal loans. Each of these options have their advantages and disadvantages just like other loans. If these options do not work for you to get your beautiful smile back then you can consider other alternatives.

Personal loans designed for dental work

If you really need help with your oral health then the first option is to check out personal loans designed specifically for dental work.
How this works is that instead of sending the funds directly to the facility in the case of patient funding program or a medical loan hereby limiting you to only one health provider.

Dental loans

Money is rather sent to you the patient giving the power to choose the health provider you find most appropriate to your health need. Fortunately, you can get these loans without your credit history being checked by the lender. Individuals who do not have any credit history at all or have bad credit history do benefit from such services. What is needed is for you to have is proof to the lender that you have an income. The higher your income the higher the amount of money you will qualify for. Being your first time borrowing make sure you have these information available for the lender : employer name, bank account and number, and proof of income (pay slip).

Bad credit dental loans

Dental financing for bad credit borrowers exist the only problem is that most people do not know about it. There is a saying that ‘no one is perfect’ and we totally understand that, but your smile and teeth cannot be affected because of your mistakes. Having a bad credit history does not mean you have to be put in a ‘basket’ for the rest of your life where accessing financial help becomes a problem. The feeling that you don’t have any credit history at all is better than having bad credit is not totally true.

Borrowers with bad credit wish they can make good all the wrong in their credit. Though this is possible it is a long journey (years) to cleaning up ones bad credit. If you get a funding assistance program your oral care will be made more affordable and more people will qualify for dental loans. A discount plan is also a choice that individuals can use because you don’t have to wait long for your loan. They also accept a whole lot of applications from borrowers whose credit history is nothing to write home about.

There are also interest free oral health loan options such as the flexible spending accounts (FSA) that grants loans to only people who work. As an individual you do not qualify for a FSA and also if your employer does not give their employees benefit programs you (employee) cannot access this loan option.

Practice/dental payment plans

When you check out the personal loans and doesn’t work for you the second option you can look at is the practice or dental payment plan.
Community dentist have these payment plans you can take advantage of for brighter smiles.  These dentist (community dentists) are specialists in extracting teeth, filling cavities and generally fixing smiles. In their line of work, pulling individuals credit report, cutting out patients who have defaulted as well as sending out collection notices is way out of their league. Hence most community dentists refer patients or individuals to third party funding companies to handle all the paperwork (dirty work). When all of the work has been done (investigations), the patients are sent back to the dentists and the funds sent directly to the practice.

Credit checks are very important when it comes to rendering services to individuals who need services of community dentist. It will be unwise to give treatment to patients who walk in without conducting credit checks on them to know if they have any negative past. When that happens a lot of people will just walk in and take advantage of the services being rendered.

Credit card

The third funding option for dental care is by using your credit card to pay for your dental procedures or services. Going to different offices you will find out that the credit card is an acceptable way of making payment of any service. It is no different when you visit the hospital and specifically your dentist.
Swiping your chip implanted plastic card into their reader as full payment for services rendered. You pay fully for the services the dentist gives you and you pay the money back to your bankers with interest. The interest however is on the amount you used over the month. Using your credit card to pay for a dental procedure will however put a lot of debt on your card which might put a strain on you. Aside the stress it will put on your pocket paying off your credit card debt, it isn’t a good financial choice. Because the interest rate on your credit card will go up not forgetting the cost it accrues every month.

Third party healthcare funding

Previously dentists funded dental work themselves but that is not the case any longer. What is becoming popular amongst borrowers who need dental loans are third party health care funding companies such as Citi health card or care credit program. To register, fortunately there are no charges or cost associated with registering to join. It is easy to join and even easier to qualify and they have amazing low monthly payment plans as well as extended payment plans is available. Fortunately for those who will sign on to Citi health card or care credit programs, they can be financed to do cosmetic and orthodontic procedures as well as medical procedures. Although these third party health care funding companies help a great deal it is wise to make sure you understand all the terms and conditions before signing on.

Investing in precautionary care

The saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ perfectly applies to this. Walking around with a good to almost perfect oral health is one thing to be grateful for since dental procedures are expensive. Another thing to be mindful of is that if you have a minor procedure to do , it will be better to get it done as quickly as possible. Putting off a minor procedure to be done later can turn into a major procedure which can cost you up to ten times more. Like saying goes ‘a stich in time saves nine’ so taking care of an immediate procedure such as filling can save you thousands of dollars if you don’t postpone. This is because postponing the filling for a later date (a year or two) can turn into you needing a root canal and crown which is more expensive.

The best way is therefore to invest in preventive care which in the end will save you some money and several visits to the dentist. Another preventive or precautionary care method that you can invest in without spending so much is to make sure to take care of your teeth by brushing at least twice a day. Using dental floss each day also helps a great deal to keep your mouth clean. Visiting the dentist regularly helps to keep the cavities away and also helps detect any issue quickly as possible.
These precautionary measures are not expensive and will help individuals save the money they would have used spent on expensive dental procedures.

The benefits of dental insurance

Dental insurance takes care of dentures and dental cares and also free for people under nineteen years. To be able to get this free service, you need to visit a dentist who has finished with the contract for financing medical treatment per the health insurance fund. There is a new addition to the benefits to the insurance. Every year if you are an adult and use your health insurance up to forty-five dollars at the end of the year you will be reimbursed. This new insurance policy was reached or came into practice since 1st January, 2018.

From 1st July 2017, the benefits rose to ninety-six dollars yearly to cater for the category of people below:

• Aimed at individuals who are above sixty-three years old.
• Aimed at pensioners
• Aimed at individuals getting pension for incapacity for work
• Aimed at pregnant women and mothers of children under 1year.
• Aimed at individuals with more need for dental care.

In addition to the above every three years the health insurance fund reimburses old people and those with disability/unable to work pensioners above sixty- three years. This is for dentures and the amount given is given in cash and it sums up to two hundred and ninety two dollars.


Having a good dental health is very important in every individuals life since it also turns to affect your whole health in the end. Making a conscious effort to keep a healthy dental health speaks a lot about your overall hygiene. You can easily keep a broad smile all year through if you brush your teeth at least twice a day and also visit the dentist at least twice a year. We can not hide the fact that dental procedures are expensive especially procedures such as dental implants, veneers or orthodontic works. There are very few people who can afford dental care without taking a loan or from an insurance health fund.

Even with insurance fund you sometimes need a payment plan to help make up for the extra amount accrued from the procedure. Fortunately there are several payment plans as well as other ways to help pay for your dental procedures. Some advantages of taking dental loans or insurance is that you do not take it for a long time and the lender does not have a say on how you use the loan. Fortunately the interest on dental loans are tax deductible and the you get to know the how much interest you are paying in advance hence making it easy for you to plan. In as much as there are advantages to these dental loans, there are also disadvantages to them. One main disadvantage is the cost associated with dental loans and how many people find it hard to afford it though they might need it badly.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a loan in America you can apply for a dental loan from

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